Great prices on condoms !
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Great prices on condoms !
Great prices on condoms ! Great prices on condoms !
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Welcome to Always use a Condom!

This site was created to help you make informed decisions concerning sex. We also offer great deals on condoms and sex related products, so you can have lots of sex while UnderCover Condomsprotecting yourself and your partner from STDs, HIV and an unwanted pregnancy. If you having thoughts about not using a condom and going commando, check out these videos.

If you are in college you are probably sexually active, but remember if you are usingbirth control pills or not, you must Always use a Condom!

If you are in high school you should think about practicing Abstinence because birth control pills and condoms are not 100% effective. Wearing a condom is important to you and your partner.

The reason you must use condoms is not only to stop pregnancy, but to protect yourself from HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Most STD's are permanent and incurable. Once you have been exposed you will be forced to deal with the issues that are associated with these diseases for the rest of your life.

HIV: The only way to slow down and stop the spread of HIV transmission and STD's are to use condoms regularly. If you are having sex with anyone remember to Always use a Condom!

Pregnancy: If you are faced with a pregnancy remember a child is a lifetime commitment, most teenagers and even twenty-year olds are not equipped to make. Talk to someone about your predicament and make an informed decision.

It is our personal mission to make sure all you guys and girls don't get caught having a baby when you are 14, 24 or whatever age you are. If you aren't married or committed to each other you have no business bringing another human being into this world. Always wear a Condom.

If there is a pregnancy, it is both parties decision to choose and it should be discussed! It is unfair and wrong of a woman to choose to have a child and make a life altering decision for the biological father.

Lastly, if you have a great story or want to contribute to the great sex section contact me.

If you need condoms and your are in high school or college and cannot afford them see your nurse or health center at your school. You can also go to your local Plan Parenthood location for professional help.

Do not be afraid to ask!

If we haven't said it once or a thousand times - Always wear a Condom - protect yourself and your partner.